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Welcome to Ko-Go Kft’s website

Also elegant at night

With this slogen we started to fight for the customers’ grace in 1998. We mostly make nightclothes for men and women, but children’s sleepwear and robes are included in our profile. Being thankful for the own design, the quality commodity and careful production structure We have nearly 450 partners. As a result of our dynamic development we sold 300 000 products last year.

From teenager to grandmother, from youngster to grandfather

The customers’ satisfaction is the most important for us. That is why we have a collection of 30-40 different products that renews in every season and with continuous producing we ensure the constant stock. During the designs we keep in mind the needs of all ages. We offer a wide range of night gowns, pyjamas and robes with the same colours and models.

Practical and comfortable

The composition of the commodity is mostly cotton in favor of the comfortable wear. Adding a small amount of synthetic ensures the colours and the shape stability and it makes it easy-to-wear.

We believe that our short review has made you interested and our products will gain your taste.